Problems with Getting Plowed

Just like you, the members of the board live in the neighborhood and are frustrated with the fact that we haven’t been plowed out from this most recent snow. To keep everyone in the know, here is an update as of right now (Tuesday at 4 PM)


When do we plow?
The standard for plowing companies is not come out and plow until we have had more than 3 inches of snow. This week’s snow (Jan 26) is the first snow we have had to qualify for plowing.
What about Sand?
On the last snow/ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago, we went ahead and had our vendor put down sand. In fact, the sand that they put down is a mixture of sand and salt. One thing to keep in mind is that even that service costs about $700 per treatment.
Why haven’t we been plowed out yet today?
Yesterday, we had confirmed with our contracted vendor that they were ready to come out and plow and had us on the list. Unfortunately, they ran into troubles with their crews being able to get in and informed us they would not be able to plow us out today.
We immediately contacted another vendor who is going to come by and plow the neighborhood today. Their crews are already on the road and booked, but they will be by at some point today to plow.
Like I said, the board is just as frustrated as you are with this situation and we are doing our best. We will keep you updated as things change.
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2 Responses to Problems with Getting Plowed

  1. Christopher says:

    They did a piss poor job. If they're going to plow at night when the snow is more hard and they can't see what they're missing then I would like to know that they are being paid less then if they did it during the day.Chris Englund

  2. USAR Wife says:

    I really wish they hadn't of come out for this storm. It was unnecessary and caused more problems than not. Both of our cars were out of the lot when they came, and upon our return they had scraped up all the slush and filled in the spaces halfway. We had to spend an hour digging ice out of spots just so we could pull the cars in all the way, and we weren't the only ones. It seemed rather silly as they had already been by once that day.

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