Generation Cluster Color Palette

Per Reston DRB, all houses in Generation Cluster need to be in compliance with the approved color palette at the time a home is sold or by June 1, 2019 (whichever comes first).

To help Generation homeowners choose a color palette below are the approved color palettes.  Please note that these colors are provided as a reference only and there may (will) be variances between what you see on your computer monitor and the final paint. Be sure to take the paint color name and number to your paint store to verify the colors.

Color Palette Specifications – Approved June 2006

Options Wooden House Siding Trim Front Door
  Wool Skein (SW6148) Basket Beige (SW6143) Basque Green (SW6426)
  Favorite Tan (SW6157) Connected Grey (SW6165) Sundried Tomato (SW2915)
  Perfect Greige (SW6073) Pacer White (SW6098) Distance (SW6243)
  Link Grey (SW6200) Austere Gray (SW6184) Arresting Auburn (SW6034)
  Sawdust (SW6158) Superior Bronze (SW6152) Naval (SW6244)
  Basket Beige (SW6143) Kaffee (SW6104) Muslin (SW6133)
Palette G
Only for houses that are primarily stucco
Choice of Siding PaintOptions A- F Same as house wooden siding color Same as per option chose for wooden siding

For a Sherwin Williams discount on paint supplies, paints and stains, download the PDF below.


  • All stucco is painted One Coat White
  • Residents must use the same option across the board; siding, trim and door color
  • All residents must choose a different option than their immediate neighbors; no two side-by-side houses may be alike
  • Downspouts may be painted the same as their background or the trim color of the chosen option.
  • Fences are to be left natural or painted to match siding color. If painted, fence tops may be either siding or trim color.
  • Generation Association has an account with Duron Paints at 495-A Elden Street in Herndon. This account gives you 10% off the contractor price.


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