About Generation Cluster

Generation Cluster was developed in 1974-1975 as a “modern” style cluster. Made up of 125 townhomes in two sections, Generation I and Generation II, it is nestled in a wooded area in Reston, Virginia, one of the very first planned communities. It is near Route 267, close to Dulles Airport, near Tyson’s Corners and is a highly desirable place to live.

Generation Cluster has 4 streets within it.

Generation Drive and Generation Court make up Generation I.  Millennium Lane and Decade Court make up Generation II. We are located just off Glade Drive between Soapstone Drive and Reston Parkway.

Our Board of Directors consists of community volunteers including:

  • Donna Cramer
  • Nelson Kirchner
  • Angela Kummel
  • Ray van Hilst
  • Matt Wolfson

1 Response to About Generation Cluster

  1. Ramona Charba says:

    I am concerned that a tree in the median of Generation Drive has a ribbon around it, possibly indicating it will be cut down. Is the tree diseased or a danger? It doesn’t seem so, and I am very concerned that the tree could be cut down unnecessarily. Obviously, the trees are one of Generation Clusters most valuable resources!

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