Snow Reminders – Feb 2015

As we all know at this point, there is going to be a significant snow event this evening. Plowing will begin by plowing and clearing of roadways. We have been informed by our plowing contractor that plowing is likely to continue into the afternoon tomorrow and multiple passes will be needed.

As you clear snow from parking areas, please do not shovel snow into empty parking areas or into the driving area.

Also, clearing the snow shoveling from your front sidewalk will help all of us in the neighborhood.

Other updates may be sent out as we received information from our plow crews.

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2015 Parking Permits


All owners and/or renters were sent parking permits and the visitor tag of the GREEN 2015 parking stickers. 


Vehicles not showing the 2015 stickers/passes may be towed without warning from the association parking lots on or after Jan 16 2015.

Generation Cluster and Capitol Property Management are NOT liable for any damage to any vehicle.

Please call Capitol Property Management at 703-707-6404 if you have any questions.

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Christmas Tree Collection

Happy Holidays to all..!  Hoping your Holidays so far are all they could be with your families and that  New Year ahead will be peaceful, healthy and prosperous. As we move into 2015 here’s information that you’ll find helpful to those of you that have Christmas trees to dispose of….

American Disposal Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas tree pick up will be provided on January 7th and January 14th. However, yard debris season officially ends December 24th. If you have yard debris to be collected after this date, place your items curbside on your 2nd collection day of the week until the season resumes the 1st week of March.

Please do not simply dispose of your trees in the woods of either Generation Cluster or Reston Association.  The best location is at the curb/sidewalk for American to pick-up used trees.

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Generation Cluster Halloween Party – 2014

Join your neighbors for some ghoulish games, freaky fun and frightening food at the Generation Cluster Halloween party. Trick-or Treating to follow.

  • When: Friday, October 31 –  5PM to ???
  • Where: Generation I Tree Island

We will set up games for the young ones (some of the older kids are taking the initiative and planning games and activities) and will bring out a grill to cook hamburgers and hotdogs (or whatever you want to grill).

Please sign up to volunteer, bring something and RSVP so we can have  a proper count.

Sign up at:

Note: This is a neighborhood event and will only happen with your support and volunteers. Please sign up and contribute.

Halloween Photo

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Re-Energize Reston with a Home Energy Check-Up – Generation Cluster – April 11-18

The Re-energize Reston Community Challenge kicked off earlier this year with a community goal of 1,964 Home Energy Check-ups to honor Reston’s founding in 1964. Organized by the Reston Association and Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), the effort will help Reston residents improve the comfort, health, and performance of their homes.

LEAP will be in the Generation clusters April 11-18 doing Home Energy Check Ups for $45.  Schedule at

(Select location: NOVA — Reston — Generation Clusters and a time and day that works for you. If that week doesn’t work but you’re interested, click on the waiting list and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.)

In this check-up, you will get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency by a professional LEAP energy coach. Where needed, our energy coach will install energy efficient light bulbs, smart power strips, and more. The check-up generally lasts 60 – 90 minutes. LEAP will get you started on immediate energy saving measures for your home, as well as a road map towards an ENERGY STAR home. The value of this package is estimated at well over $250 in goods, savings, and professional advice. The low price of $45 is made possible with the support of the Dominion Residential Home Energy Check-Up program.  A $10 donation will be made to Friends of Reston for every check up done in the Challenge.  In order for the energy coach to understand your energy usage, the homeowner will need to provide a copy of the latest electric and gas bills. For more information, see or contact

Join your Reston neighbors. Become part of the Re-energize Reston Community Challenge today.

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Parking Pass Mixup

We are aware of the mix-up with the parking tags that were recently sent out that have 2012 on them instead of 2013.

Every home is being re-issued 2 new 2013 parking permits that will replace the purple 2012 permits recently received.  The goal is to reissue the 2013 permits before the end of February. If you have installed the purple 2012 adhesive permits you recently received, please replace those with the 2013 permits when received.

Please remember to put your parking passes in car in accordance with the cluster parking guidelines.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please follow us on the website and Facebook for more information.

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Generation Cluster 2012 Annual Meeting – Monday Nov 5

Reminder:  The Generation Cluster Annual Meeting is this coming Monday. Attend and make your voice heard in the community.

  • When: Monday, Nov 5 at 7:00 PM
  • Where: Reston Community Center, Hunters Woods Plaza

A quorum is necessary to transact any business at this meeting.

There is ONE seat on the Board which needs to be filled.  Nominations for the Board will be accepted from the floor as well as by advance submission.

If you cannot attend or if there is some doubt about your ability to attend, PLEASE complete the attached proxy and return it to Generation Cluster, c/o Capitol Property Management, 3914 Centreville Rd., Ste. 300, Chantilly, VA 20151 on Monday or send it with a neighbor.  If you do attend, your proxy will be returned to you at the time of sign in.

You may appoint any other homeowner or any adult person of your choice as proxy.  Note that all proxies must be signed by owners of record and dated (if ownership is shared, for example by a husband and wife, both owners must sign).


Remember, this is your neighborhood association. Attend and be a part of the decisions that affect our neighborhood!

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2012 Generation Cluster Halloween Party

It’s time to get spooky and celebrate Halloween.

Announcing the 4th Annual Generation Halloween Party – Saturday, October 27 at 5:00p.m on the “Tree Island” in Generation I.

  • Games for including Corn Hole and Ladder Ball
  • Activities including Pumpkin decorating
  • Pot luck dinner
  • Costume Parade

The neighborhood will provide a hot dogs and hot dog buns and a grill for cooking meats.  Everyone else please bring a side dish to share including desserts.

How you can help:

  • Help set up and decorate. If you have any extra Halloween decorations that you’re willing to share that would be great! You will get them back.
  • Volunteer to help make/run games.
  • Provide folding chairs, lighting, or heavy duty extension chords.
  • Provide food supplies:
    • Condiments (squeezable), veggie platters, pretzels, chips, and apple cider.
    • ***If you have any dietary restrictions (allergies, vegetarian) please bring items for yourself to enjoy and share.

Please RSVP by leaving a comment below or emailing us at This will give us a list of people attending and head count.

Here is what is some of what is needed for the party:

  • Chairs
  • Heavy Duty Extension cords (3)
  • Decorative Lights
  • Halloween decorations (Spider webbing, ghosts, etc.)
  • Hamburgers and Buns (Large Pack)
  • Condiments (Squeezable)
  • Fresh vegetable tray
  • Pretzels or Potato chips (Large bag)
  • Apple cider or juice
  • Cups and plates
  • Small pumpkins to decorate

Click the button below to visit and please sign up to volunteer to help set-up or bring something.

See you on the 27th.

Note: In case of inclement weather and the party needs to be cancelled, we will update the blog and the Generation Cluster Facebook page.

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Generation Cluster Fall 2012 Update

On September 10, the Generation Cluster board held their regular meeting and addressed a number of topics.  Here are a few updates we wanted to share.

Generation Cluster Halloween Party

Save the date for Saturday, October 27 for the annual Generation Cluster Halloween Party.  All neighbors are invited to join in for some fall fun. Here are the details (so far):

  • When: Saturday, October 27 at 5:30 PM
  • Where: Generation I Tree Island
  • What to Bring: Please bring a side to share and any beverages.  A grill will be provided if anyone wants anything cooked.
  • Activities:  Still to be determined, but children are invited to wear their costumes.

Look for more details to come on the Generation Cluster website (

Want to help? Please email to volunteer.

Neighborhood Inspections

The board discussed the need to resume neighborhood inspections to ensure that properties in the cluster are in compliance with Generation Cluster covenants and design standards.

In the Spring of 2013, The Board of Directors for Generation Cluster will conduct their inspection of the yards, fences and exteriors of the homes in the community.  Please review your homes and yard as there are a number of repair items that are common on most units.  These items are all part of the general maintenance that every homeowner is responsible for.  Some of these items are:

  • Leaning fences or rotted boards on fences.
  • Peeling trim paint or rotting wood on house trim (especially entry door, window trim and roof  rake board trim (the rake board is under the eve shingles on the front, back and side of house)
  • Yards need mowing, bushes need trimming and general landscaping upkeep needed.
  • Front and/or rear yards full of storage items or trash. (trash cans, recycle bins, rakes, garden tools, empty planters, toys, construction material etc.)
  • House numbers missing or covered by landscaping (visible address numbers are required by Fairfax County law)

The Board has decided not to send individual violation notices at this time.  Instead we are providing this general notification.  Individual inspections will be conducted in early spring 2013.  At that time all homeowners are expected to have completed all necessary repairs and cleanup to their home.

For specific questions, please contact Kathy Gately at Capital Management Company

To review the cluster guidelines, please visit the Architectural Standards page on the Generation Cluster website (

Neighborhood Tree Care

One of the most wonderful things about living in Reston is all the trees.  Yet one of the most expensive items in the cluster budget is maintenance of all the trees in our neighborhood.  The cluster board routinely walks through the neighborhood to identify trees that need immediate removal.  We have contracted with our tree vendor and work will be conducted over the next few weeks.

For more information on the aging trees in Reston, check out this article in the Reston Patch.

Annual Meeting

Keep an eye out for your notice about the Generation Cluster Annual Meeting.  This is your opportunity to vote for the members of the cluster board of directors as well as any issues requiring a vote based on our bylaws.

Volunteers Needed

Our neighborhood runs on volunteer power.  The more neighbors that volunteer, the less we need to rely on our management company (which helps keep our dues down).  Please consider volunteering for a committee or taking on a neighborhood improvement issue.  Email to get involved.

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Board Meeting Announcement

The Generation Cluster board will be holding the next meeting on September 10, 2012 at 7 PM in the Reston Community Center.

Generation Cluster neighbors are invited to all board meetings and are welcome to present ideas, concerns or questions for the board.

See you there.

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