Annual Halloween Party

Please join us for the annual Halloween Potluck Supper before trick-or-treating!

  • Date: 10/31/2016 (Mon.)
  • Time: 5:30pm a
  • Location: Generation I Tree Island

Please volunteer to help or bring something by signing up on Sign-Up Genius:

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Neighborhood Heat Pump Offer – Oct 2016

One of our neighbors is replacing their heat pump and has negotiated a neighborhood offer for anyone in Generation cluster.  Here is the deal:

Your neighbors in Generation Cluster are looking for 10+ homes to commit to a new heat pump installation.  If we can get 10+ homes to commit in October for install in November, each home will receive a color/programmable/digital/wifi Honeywell 9000 Thermostat for free (a $350 installed value). 

The details are as follows:  RUUD 14-SEER (up to 3-ton) heat pump install for 1-5 homes will be $5,400. 6-9 homes will be $5,200. and 10 + homes is $5,000 with a free Honeywell 9000 digital/wifi/color programmable thermostat.  Upgrades/changes can be made to accommodate condos and single-family homes (price will vary accordingly).

RH JOHNSON Cooling Heating and Home Services will be performing the installations. They are a local, family-owned business that has been performing HVAC installs for 30+ years!  The company is Class A licensed and insured.  For any questions or to commit by the end of October, please call or text 703-505-0183 or email

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Updated: Cluster Yard Sale – Saturday, May 28

We are having a yard sale!!!

  • Generation Cluster Yard Sale
  • Saturday May 28st
  • 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

All residents are invited to participate.

Signs and advertising have been planned.

UPDATED Post: Due to the forecasted rain, we have pushed the yard sale to Saturday, May 28.

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Snowmageddon 2016

We are all expecting a big storm for the weekend (and I’m sure some kids are looking forward to some great sledding).

Blade Runners (who plows our community) provided a great update that we have pasted below. A few other reminders:

  • Residents are responsible for shoveling the snow in front of their homes and maintaining their sidewalks
  • As you dig your cars out, do not throw snow in the travel lanes/street (see below why)
  • Look out for your neighbors and help each other out.

Here is the full update from Blade Runners:

Dear Blade Runners snow clients,
Please accept our apologies for the long email.

As you know we have the potential for a significant snow fall this coming weekend. Rest assured that Blade Runners is preparing for this event and will meet the challenge to the best of our ability. Our experiences in 1987, 1996, 2003, 2009, and 2010 are a great help in our planning.

Storms of this magnitude bring a new set challenges and things to consider. The amount of work required is not linear. If an 8” storm takes “x” time, a 16 inch storm takes “4x” time. We will face more breakdowns and stuck vehicles. For instance, in the December 2009 storm we had 14 vehicles at one time with broken transmissions. There will be larger piles and many more instances of plowed in cars, hydrants, and drains.

First will be to clear a lane to allow vehicles to move in and out of the community. This is likely to look like only one lane and residents will think we have been lazy. We will have to plow multiple times, the snow piles high on each side, creeps in, and will eventually create the one lane look.

Second: We will work on stuck cars, and safety hazards in the community.

Third: We will begin loader service (for those who request it).

During light hours Saturday, Sunday and perhaps Monday are very important. Please work with auto owners to not throw snow into the street. Also please do not speak to the drivers on the site. They need to get the work done and do not have time to speak with people. If we have instances where people are abusive in this manner, we instruct the drivers to leave and move to the next job. In these instances we return after dark.

This tends to be the most painful time for us. Our clients want service, and the drivers are slowed in their production.

Please use as a resource for tenants and residents. If you have concerned people, ask them to read the contents of the site completely. This really helps people understand what you are paying for, and the limitations of the equipment. In addition, they can join the email distributions and get information as to our plans. Don’t worry, we understand that service direction only comes from the appointed manager or contact.

Over the weekend we go into a snow battle mode. All Blade Runners phone numbers are funneled into one service desk. Account managers do not check their email, phone or cell phone. All communication should be responding to the email distribution ( This is because we are all working around the clock in organized shifts. We also want to be sure requests are properly communicated from one place. We have found this brings better service to our clients.

Let’s all hope this does not turn into a major event and that it is downgraded in the coming days. Blade Runners is in the snow business and of course we like the sales. However, big storms damage equipment, client relationships and generally are no fun!

Thanks very much for your consideration and patience. We will be sending additional emails with specific service plans before, during, and after the event.

Blade Runners, Inc. · 3150 Spring Street · Fairfax, MD 22031

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Generation Cluster Halloween Party – 2015

Join your neighbors for some ghoulish games, freaky fun and frightening food at the Generation Cluster Halloween party. Trick-or Treating to follow.

  • When: Saturday, October 31 –  5PM to 7PM
  • Where: Generation I Tree Island

We will set up games for the young ones and will bring out a grill to cook hamburgers and hotdogs (or whatever you want to grill). We will also have a costume parade at 6:00 and trick-or-treating after.

Please sign up to volunteer, bring something and RSVP so we can have  a proper count.

Sign up at:

Note: This is a neighborhood event and will only happen with your support and volunteers. Please sign up and contribute.

Halloween Photo

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Spring 2015 Tree Work

Over the last few weeks the Generation Board and our contract arborist completed a full existing tree inventory in Generation Cluster. This was completed in both the front and rear of properties and in high use common area.

Approximately 80+ trees were flagged as a result of that inventory with action items associated to those trees.

  • Red / white tape indicates a tree which is dead or high risk associated with it and is specified to be removed.
  • White tape indicates an action item such as crown clean dead limbs that poses a risk to house, vehicles or people.

All that said we would greatly appreciate if folks in the neighborhood do not remove any flagging on those trees as it this will impact the work which we plan to have done on cluster trees in the very near future.

The longer term intent (Autumn / October / November) is to install (plant) new trees including new Evergreen and deciduous trees.

Should you see neighbors it would be great if you share this information. Please contact us if you have questions.

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Jan 2015 Board Meeting Minutes Update

At last night’s March 2015 Board Meeting, the minutes from the 2015 Board meeting were approved.  Please visit the Board Meeting Minutes page to view and download the minutes.

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Snow Update – Feb 26

Blade Runners provided us with the following update about today’s snow:

The snow event is forecasted to may bring 1-3” of snow to the area that will end mid Thurs morning. Blade Runner is going to take a wait and see approach. In the morning we will determine what (if anything) will be needed.

If we get another update as to their plans we’ll let you know.

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Plowing Updated – Feb 21

With today’s pending winter weather in mind, we received this update from Blade Runners (our plowing and grounds maintenance contractor):

As you know we are about to have a 4th event in the span of one week. We plan to begin servicing all properties when we reach 2” of snow.

There have been the usual concerns surrounding cars being blocked by snow. By now most people understand that snow accumulating behind parked cars, and garage doors is common place. Areas at the corners, and street ends can receive extra snow.

I would encourage you to circulate the link below that talks about the challenge and limitations of the truck and plow. We find that this takes care of the lions share of concerns.


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Snow Reminders – Feb 2015

As we all know at this point, there is going to be a significant snow event this evening. Plowing will begin by plowing and clearing of roadways. We have been informed by our plowing contractor that plowing is likely to continue into the afternoon tomorrow and multiple passes will be needed.

As you clear snow from parking areas, please do not shovel snow into empty parking areas or into the driving area.

Also, clearing the snow shoveling from your front sidewalk will help all of us in the neighborhood.

Other updates may be sent out as we received information from our plow crews.

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