Snow Lane Reminder

Since we are expecting snow, please remember that both Generation Drive and Millennium Lane have marked snow lanes for the plows to deposit snow. Please make sure the are clear for the plows and there are no cars parked in them.

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2018 Halloween Spook-Tacular

Join us for the Generation Cluster Halloween Spook-Tacular!

  • Wednesday, Oct 31
  • 5:30 PM
  • Generation I Tree Island

We’ll have a potluck, kid’s costume contest and tricks & treats for all!

Questions or want to help? Reach out to Adelle at or call 302.750.3191.

Potluck sign up and RSVP on Signup Genius

Orange Kids Party Halloween Invitation

Note: In case of inclement weather and we have to cancel, we will post an announcement on the Generation Cluster Facebook and Nextdoor Pages

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New Roof Shingle Standard

The Reston Association Design Review Board recently approved a new Generation Cluster standard for roof shingles.  The shingle types in the previous standard are no longer available.  The 3 shingles that were approved for the new standard are: The Reston Association Design Review Board recently approved a new Generation Cluster standard for roof shingles.  The shingle types in the previous standard are no longer available.  The 3 shingles that were approved for the new standard are:

  • GAF Architectural Timberline Weathered Wood
  • GAF Architectural Timberline Pewter Gray
  • GAF 3-tab Weathered Gray

Generation Cluster homeowners who replace their roofs are now required to use one of the three shingles in the new standard.   Examples of the shingles can be viewed at Home Depot.  Also, they can be seen on the following three homes in the cluster that have recently installed new roofs.

  • 2332 Generation Dr. – GAF Architectural Timberline Weathered Wood
  • 2360 Generation Dr. – GAF Architectural Timberline Pewter Gray
  • 2334 Generation Dr.  –  GAF 3-tab Weathered Gray

If you have any questions about the new roof standard–and to avoid costly mistakes–please contact the cluster’s manager Shirley Klocek (

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Final Leaf Pick-up – Dec 15

The final leaf pick up by Blade Runners will be on December 15th.

Please be aware that any leaves that are raked up may be put in bags and put out with the trash.

We ask all residents to be considerate and not fill parking spaces with raked leaves.

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New Community Manager

The Generation Cluster Board wishes to let all residents know of the change in property manager for our cluster.  Kathy Gately has left Capitol Property Management, and Shirley Klocek has taken over as our property manager.

Kathy Gately worked well with us and we wish her all the best in her new endeavor.

Shirley Klocek comes to Capitol Companies with over 20 years of experience in property management, much of it dealing with townhouse associations. She can be reached at the Capitol Companies offices, 703-707-6404 or by email at:

Please take note of this change for any future contact with Capitol Property Management.

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Generation Cluster Parking Space Striping – July 31 and Aug 1

Generation Drive and Generation Court parking space striping is scheduled for:

  • MONDAY July 31, 2017
  • ALL vehicles must be removed from your court 
  • MON. JULY 31:     8:00am –  4:00pm

Millennium Lane and Decade Court parking space striping is scheduled for:

  • TUESDAY AUGUST 1, 2017
  • ALL vehicles must be removed from your court 
  • TUES. AUGUST. 1:   8:00am –  4:00pm

(Weather permitting) Wed. August 2, touch-up/rain date

Any vehicle not removed from the court will be TOWED at owners risk and expense. Your cooperation in making this work go smoothly is greatly appreciated.

Capitol Property Management and Generation Cluster are NOT liable for any damage done to any vehicle or personal property.

Any questions, please call Capitol Property Management, 703-707-6404

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Glade Drive Improvement and Restriping Community Meeting – April 27 at 6:30 PM

The process of collecting input for the improvements to Glade Drive continues. There will be a community meeting this week and neighbors are encouraged to make their voices heard:

Meeting Details

  • Thursday, April 27
  • 6:30 PM
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School

Some background:

Back in November, there was a meeting held to determine the restriping needs along Glade Dr., between Glade Bank and Twin Branches. There was a great attendance at that meeting by people who live along and use Glade. It was emphatically stated that we need access to on street parking by those all along the road. At the end of the meeting, Adam Lind of FFX county stated that they will not take parking away if the street is too narrow to support a bike lane, two traffic lanes, and parking. Glade seemed to be too narrow. (Note, Adam Lind is the Bicycle Program Manager for Fairfax County, and he is the person who ran this meeting, though he assured us that night it was a repainting meeting, not a bike lane meeting.)

About a month ago, there was a follow up meeting, but it was observed that Glade plans were seeming off the table. The three other streets who are being repaved were discussed, and a note on the meeting announcement stated: “Note: Glade Drive will not be discussed at this meeting. A separate meeting will be scheduled if any proposed changes are brought forward.”

A couple of weeks ago, Reston Now had an article Glade Drive repainting is not off the table afterall, though.

At this week’s meeting they will present several options for repainting, with the purpose, in their words, of “gathering input on various proposals to improve bicycling in the corridor.” The meeting will not be a presentation with a question/answer format. Rather, it will be an open house style, where you may write a comment and will choose from one of their best options being presented.

The link to the Fairfax County page is here: .

We encourage all of our neighbors who live along Glade Drive to come out and make your voices heard.

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Is your American Disposal Recycling Bin cracked?

American Disposal—the cluster’s trash removal company—has offered to replace residents’ American Disposal cracked recycling bins on Tuesday, April 18th.

If you would like to swap your damaged bin for a new one, please email your name and address to by Thursday, April 13th.

Remember, the following are required to exchange your recycling bin:

  • Only damaged American Disposal bins will be swapped; the company will not replace other kinds of bins. The company’s name is on its bins.
  • Your damaged American Disposal bin must be placed in front of your unit by 8 AM on April 18th.

Please contact Damian Gullo if you have any questions.

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Yard Waste Removal

We have received notice from American Disposal Services that they will be changing their policies for collecting yard waste.

Effective March 1, 2017, yard waste materials placed in plastic bags will be rejected at the local yard waste composting facilities.

They have been informed that plastic bags of any kind require additional processing and render the finished process less attractive. Therefore they are modifying their pick-up requirements.

American Disposal will accept yard waste material in compostable paper yard waste bags or personal containers clearly marked “yard debris material.”  Here is a sample bag from Home Depot.

Remember this change goes into effect on March 1 so plan your spring yard work accordingly.

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Parking Update 2017

It’s that time of year… Time to put your new Generation Parking Passes in your cars.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Install your passes ASAP and remove parking stickers from previous years
  • 2017 Parking enforcement will start on January 15
  • Vehicles with outdated permits will be subject to towing
  • If you do not receive permits, it is possible your account with the association is in arrears. You will receive permits once your account becomes current.
  • Parking passes have been mailed to all eligible homeowners
  • Owners, if you have an office address, permits are sent directly to the tenant/property address

Other parking reminders:

  • According to the Generation Cluster Parking Regulations “Each home will automatically receive 2 primary permits and 1 visitor permit.
  • Visitor parking is for short-term usage only, and not to be used by residents.
  • Residents may apply for an overflow permit for a third vehicle for an additional resident driver.
    • Overflow spaces are limited in number and are available on a first come first served basis.
    • ALL vehicles with overflow tags MUST park in designated overflow spaces.
    • Application for the third (Overflow) tag must include proof that all 3 cars are resident cars.”
  • Vehicles may NOT park in fire lanes, as this is a violation of Fairfax County Fire Regulations. Vehicles parked in fire lanes will be towed and/or ticketed by Battlefield Towing (703-378-0059) or by the police.
  • Motorcycles shall use the reserved space assigned to the home for which they are a resident or guest & may share the space with a properly tagged car.
  • Commercial vehicles are not to be parked within the community. All commercial vehicles may be towed without warning.
  • Vehicles must be in compliance with all local and State regulations, and be in good repair and operable condition.

If you have any questions, please call Kathy Gately, Capitol Property Management. (703) 707-6404.

In the next few weeks we will be publishing the fully updated parking guidelines and documentation.

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