Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we all hunker down and stay at home, the Board has met virtually and we want to thank everyone for looking out for each other as neighbors, while maintaining social distancing. Here are some items of note:

  • At this time, trash and recycling pickup are continuing as normally scheduled.Our community lawn maintenance is also continuing by Blade Runners as normal.
  • Exterior home inspections for houses going on the market are continuing as normal. Spring inspections are postponed until further notice.
  • The Reston Community Center is closed indefinitely by order of Fairfax County Government. The board will hold virtual meetings.
  • The complete parking lot replacement for all of Generation – milling,repaving, and restriping – was originally planned for the April/May timeframe. Due to the pandemic and the fact that many people are now home, the work has been rescheduled begin in July. Concrete: July 6-10 and 7/13-17. Asphalt: July 20- 24. You will begin to see more communications about the parking lot project and its impact to residents as we get closer to the expected dates.
  • Millennium street sign was replaced with correct spelling (however, they did not do Millennium + Decade sign).

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