Glade Drive Improvement and Restriping Community Meeting – April 27 at 6:30 PM

The process of collecting input for the improvements to Glade Drive continues. There will be a community meeting this week and neighbors are encouraged to make their voices heard:

Meeting Details

  • Thursday, April 27
  • 6:30 PM
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School

Some background:

Back in November, there was a meeting held to determine the restriping needs along Glade Dr., between Glade Bank and Twin Branches. There was a great attendance at that meeting by people who live along and use Glade. It was emphatically stated that we need access to on street parking by those all along the road. At the end of the meeting, Adam Lind of FFX county stated that they will not take parking away if the street is too narrow to support a bike lane, two traffic lanes, and parking. Glade seemed to be too narrow. (Note, Adam Lind is the Bicycle Program Manager for Fairfax County, and he is the person who ran this meeting, though he assured us that night it was a repainting meeting, not a bike lane meeting.)

About a month ago, there was a follow up meeting, but it was observed that Glade plans were seeming off the table. The three other streets who are being repaved were discussed, and a note on the meeting announcement stated: “Note: Glade Drive will not be discussed at this meeting. A separate meeting will be scheduled if any proposed changes are brought forward.”

A couple of weeks ago, Reston Now had an article Glade Drive repainting is not off the table afterall, though.

At this week’s meeting they will present several options for repainting, with the purpose, in their words, of “gathering input on various proposals to improve bicycling in the corridor.” The meeting will not be a presentation with a question/answer format. Rather, it will be an open house style, where you may write a comment and will choose from one of their best options being presented.

The link to the Fairfax County page is here: .

We encourage all of our neighbors who live along Glade Drive to come out and make your voices heard.

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