Spring 2015 Tree Work

Over the last few weeks the Generation Board and our contract arborist completed a full existing tree inventory in Generation Cluster. This was completed in both the front and rear of properties and in high use common area.

Approximately 80+ trees were flagged as a result of that inventory with action items associated to those trees.

  • Red / white tape indicates a tree which is dead or high risk associated with it and is specified to be removed.
  • White tape indicates an action item such as crown clean dead limbs that poses a risk to house, vehicles or people.

All that said we would greatly appreciate if folks in the neighborhood do not remove any flagging on those trees as it this will impact the work which we plan to have done on cluster trees in the very near future.

The longer term intent (Autumn / October / November) is to install (plant) new trees including new Evergreen and deciduous trees.

Should you see neighbors it would be great if you share this information. Please contact us if you have questions.

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