Update on Car Thefts

As reported earlier, a number of residents had items stolen from their cars last week including EZ Pass and GPS transponders. A couple of reminders:

  • Don’t forget to lock your car (as far as we know, all of the cars were unlocked)
  • If you had something stolen, go ahead and file a police report.

Concerning GPS devices a few specific notes:

  • If you have a GPS, record the serial number in a safe place so you can report it.
  • Always remove the GPS from your window/car.
  • Likewise if you have the suction cups/attachment device on your windshield, remove it. Even without a GPS it advertises “There’s a GPS in this car”

We’ll report back if we hear anything else and as the neighborhood watch gears up. Remember if you’d like to be involved in the neighborhood watch to send and email to generationcluster@gmail.com

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1 Response to Update on Car Thefts

  1. gmr2048 says:

    Does anybody have a list of the items stolen? I've seen one Craigslist post so far which was listed in "Reston" and had a number of small electronics for sale (including a "Garmin gps" which was what was stolen from me). If we can match a list of stolen items to a list of for sale items, we could alert Fairfax PD and have them check it out.

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