Thefts from Vehicles


On Tuesday night (August 11), several vehicles had items stolen from them including EZ Pass Transponders, a GPS, audio cables, etc.

If you are noticing anything missing, please file a report with the police (3 of your neighbors have already done so). If you have any information about these thefts, please contact the Fairfax police or email the board at

And as a reminder, please remember to lock your car doors.

Also, keep an eye out for information on our neighborhood watch program. The signs are in and we will be building an email list to keep the neighborhood informed and set up the details of the program.

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2 Responses to Thefts from Vehicles

  1. gmr2048 says:

    Add me to the list of victims. They got my GPS and accessories (power cable, leather case, dash mount adapter) the night of the 11th.The worst part is that I *always* lock my vehicle doors and set the alarm, I just had my hands full that night and forgot to go back out and do it.I've filed a police report online with Fairfax County P.D.

  2. gmr2048 says:

    Oh, and keep an eye on (and maybe eBay, too) to see if any of your missing stuff shows up.

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