Spring 2009 Newsletter

The Generation Cluster board is very interested in developing ideas and activities which will create a stronger sense of community for Generation Cluster. In order to accomplish this there are a couple of activities on which to report.

It was decided that the board would provide a cook-out following the annual spring clean up day, and there is further information on that in the newsletter. Also, we have decided to develop the Neighborhood Watch program which can help foster community spirit and provide valuable information concerning issues of safety and crime. There is more information on that program also in this newsletter. The board has discussed the possibility of a community wide Block-Party gathering in August in conjunction with the Neighborhood Watch program. We would like to hear from any of you who would be interested in being involved in planning that kind of activity.

Also, check out the Generation Cluster blog for current information or to make comments.
Our next board meeting on May 4th will be held at the Reston Community Center at 7 p.m. All meetings are open to residents and we invite you to attend.

If you have comments or concerns please feel free to contact our property manager, Kathy Gately, kgately@capitolcorp.com, 703-707-6404 or any board member. The board welcomes your input.


– Joan Eimas jdeimas@yahoo.com 703-860-8448


Saturday, May 2 – 9 a.m.
(Rain date May 9th)

Meet at Upper Decade Court

Generation Cluster is planning a community work day to do some spring clean-up and maintenance. This year we would like to combine it with a cook-out of hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone in the cluster at noon, immediately following our work session. It would be wonderful if we had a large turnout by Generation residents. It will give us a chance to get to know some of our neighbors and improve our community at the same time. Everyone is invited to participate. Bring your rakes and tools and wear your work clothes. There will be an opportunity to pick up trash and do general clean up. Trash bags will be provided. We will meet at the top of Decade Court to divide up the work. We would hope to have some special projects to work on if we have a good turn out.

Our cookout will take place in the cul-de-sac end of Generation Drive at noon. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided. Bring beverages and side dishes to share.

Please email a member of the board if you plan to attend, so we can provide enough hamburgers and hot dogs. We hope to see MANY of you there.


In February, Officer Cogan of the Fairfax County Police Department conducted an information session for residents to learn about creating a Neighborhood Watch program in Generation Cluster. Benefits of a Neighborhood Watch program include: Prevention of crime, Greater awareness of crime, Enhanced reporting of suspicious activities, Serves as a warning to criminals, Promotes neighborliness, Access to crime data, Increases arrests & convictions.

Mac Cannon of Millennium Lane and Kai Chung of Generation Drive have agreed to volunteer as Neighborhood Watch coordinators. If you are interested in hearing more, becoming a volunteer, or receiving neighborhood safety updates through email, please send an email to cannonclan@gmail.com


Generation Cluster has had a number of erosion projects installed in the past few years. In order to maintain the integrity of these areas it is very important that the rocks and holding material be left in place. Parents, please stress to your youngsters the importance of not removing any rocks or throwing them about, for their own safety, and the safety of others, but also to maintain the design of the erosion control areas.


Please remember when you clean up around your property, DO NOT place your yard waste in the wooded areas. Please bag any yard waste, or cut up branches and sticks and tie in bundles and put out with the trash for pickup. Please see the Reston Association website Resident FAQ section Natural area/ Environmental to explain the importance of this. http://www.reston.org/Reston_Resident_FAQ/rrf_index.html


Please remember to put trash out no earlier than 7 p.m. the night before pickup and preferably on the morning of pick up. It is important that you put trash out in containers or heavy duty bags. We have animals that scavenge and rip open trash bags spreading the mess all around the area. None of us likes to be the clean-up person for some else’s trash.

Pick up days are Tuesday and Friday. Recycle materials are picked up on Friday.
In consideration of your neighbors, please remove emptied trash containers by the evening of pick up day. Empty trash containers lying about are unsightly and detract from the appearance of the cluster.


The grilling season is almost upon us, and all residents are reminded to use caution and safe practices when operating their grills. None of us wants to be responsible for causing a fire or damaging community property. We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable summer season, and are able to enjoy the lovely tree filled area in which we live.


Many of us are concerned about the amount of stuff that gets sent to the landfill. We all pay for the costs of larger and larger landfills, and so much usable stuff gets thrown out because we don’t have use for it. However, our trash is often just what someone else may need.

Did you know: That you can take packing material, Styrofoam peanuts and the like to the UPS store in Plaza America for them to reuse?That many dry cleaning businesses will take back wire hangers that are in good condition?That home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s usually have a place to recycle batteries.That E-Tech in Chantilly will recycle old computers and electronics for a small charge.

Some websites that provide connections for those who are interested in recycling are:

Some good information sources on recycling and green living are:


Is there interest in holding a community wide yard sale this spring? Send an email to jdeimas@yahoo.com if you are interested. Possible dates are April 25th or May 30th.


Generation Association dues for 2009 are $248 per quarter. Dues are payable quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Late charges will be applied beginning 30 days after the due date. Homeowners will receive a coupon for submitting payments by check. Make your check payable to Generation Cluster Association and mail to:

Generation Cluster Association
C/o Capitol Property Management
PO. Box 640
Annandale, VA 22003-640

You may set up a recurring automatic payment if you wish. You will need to fill out the authorization form for automatic debit and submit it to Capitol Property Management.
It is most important that cluster fees are paid promptly. The cluster has fixed costs on contracts for trash removal, property management, grounds upkeep, etc. which must be kept current. In addition, mortgage lenders look very closely at the finances of homeowners associations, and high rates of delinquencies can impact the interest rate of your new or refinance mortgage.
Also, the parking plan resolution provides for parking privileges to be suspended when a homeowner is delinquent in payment of dues.


Once again we must remind pet owners that Fairfax Count law requires that animals be on a leash.

Please remember to PICK UP after your dog. Children run and play and other people walk in the same places. Fairfax County law also requires owners to remove all waste deposited on public property by their pet (pooper scooper regulation). An unwanted side effect of leaving pet waste is that contaminated run-off gets into the streams and lakes, and pollutes them and damages their natural state.

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